Finding Contentment in God's Love

As my coffee is heating in the microwave, I stand at the kitchen sink and cut open an avocado for breakfast. I love standing here. The sky is just beginning to lighten behind the Peacock Mountains and I can see off in the distance the headlights of semis and a few cars dropping into our bowl shaped valley as they head west on Interstate 40. It’s still a little too cold to sit out front on my deck chair and watch as the mountain across the way lights up from the top down as the sun rises behind the house. Wherever I look I can enjoy the views from my high desert home.

Morning Reflections: Gratitude and Sadness

I’m thankful and I try to remember to thank God out loud each morning for what I get to enjoy. But this morning a wave of sadness comes over me. For some reason I am reminded of all the people, even Christians, who are so burdened by the cares of this life to enjoy, even for a second, this world where God allows us to live. The more I spend my time focused on the beauty of God and His love, the less the cares of this world matter to me.

Spreading the Message: Sharing God’s Blessings

I wish I could get this word out to everyone. I wish I could change how Christians see their existence. God loves us so much. I was on a business call where he was giving me his time to answer questions. But, I ended up being able to share with him how God has blessed us over the years. He thanked me for blessing him! Despite reading Psalm 23 this morning, my examples helped him to see how it looked in real life. Seeing how it looked in real life was inspiring to him and hopefully helped him to see examples that he was blessed with.

Embracing God’s Love: A Call to Contentment

You are blessed. God loves you and wants to be in relationship with you. I want you to first know His love then I want you to feel the contentment that Paul describes. When God doesn’t provide what we think we need, we have a tendency to lose that contentment.

Seeking Guidance: Resources for Finding Contentment

If that’s you, please turn to one of my books or maybe some time counseling. You too can bask in His love.

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