Finding Contentment in Faith: Reflections on Psalm 22 and Paul’s Struggles

Finding Contentment in Faith I had something of an epiphany. I’ve realized it before, but for some reason, today it stuck with me. Reading some of David’s Psalms (today it was Ps. 22) you see what almost seems like someone very confused or unsure of what he really means. In the very first verse, he […]

Trusting in God’s Plan: A Candid Confession

I have a confession to make I’m human and despite all the good advice that people come to me for, I sometimes don’t follow it myself. Contentment Amidst Challenges: Lessons from “Blessed Brokenness” Some may know whether through my books or other means that I am disabled. I have a neurological condition that is uncurable […]

What Will Be Said About You?

You may remember that originally, God established the nation of Israel. But, after Solomon began to turn from God and sin, then his son continued, the northern ten tribes rebelled and made Jeroboam the king over Israel while Rehoboam, Solomon’s son was king over the tribes of Judah, Benjamin, and the Levites. The Levites stayed […]

Review of – “NASB Wide-Margin Bible”

I just received an Advance Review Copy of Zondervan’s newest Bible.  It boasts several features and I want to look at each of them. Before I do, I admit, I’m traditional in many ways. I prefer to read paper. This Bible has the traditional gold edge pages. The pages are still lightweight, but much thicker […]

Finding Contentment in God’s Love: Basking in His Blessings

Finding Contentment in God's Love

As my coffee is heating in the microwave, I stand at the kitchen sink and cut open an avocado for breakfast. I love standing here. The sky is just beginning to lighten behind the Peacock Mountains and I can see off in the distance the headlights of semis and a few cars dropping into our […]

Listening to the Heroes: Drawing Lessons from Biblical Characters

Reflecting on Predictions and Divine Lessons A pastor friend of mine started a sermon series last week called “Listening to the Heroes.” He explained that he’s going to draw lessons from the lives of Biblical heroes. Who you consider to be a hero is of course a line that isn’t the same for everyone. I […]

Embracing Inherent Value: Made in His Image

Inherent Value: Made in His Image

Discovering Your Inherent Value Do you know your inherent value? Do you? Do you know where your inherent value comes from? In Genesis 1, we see the creation story. God made everything in an order that made sense and we’re told that He did it day by day over six days. God’s Deliberate Separation God […]

New Beginnings and Embracing Christ’s Grace: A Resolution Worth Keeping

New Beginnings and Embracing Christ's Grace

Welcoming the New Year: A Time for Second Chances New beginnings, second chances, mulligans…. That’s what we envision each new year granting us. It’s an opportunity for things to go better for us. Or, probably more often, it’s an opportunity for us to do something better. Creating a new good habit, breaking a bad one, […]