Overcoming Urgency with Faith

I like to sit out on my deck in the mornings. I read my Bible and pray over what I just read. Then I spend a few minutes looking at the mountain across the way while I listen to the birds. There’s a rooster to the south of me and pigeons to the north. I also get to listen to quail, finches, and any number of small birds I can’t identify.

Morning Observations: Lessons from a Little Bird

The other morning several came into my front yard. One tiny little thing was eating something out of the grass directly in front of me. As I watched, I was taken with the observation that everything it did was fast. It walked a few feet to one side very quickly, then it pecked at something several times with the same seeming urgency.

I know that’s just the way God made this species of bird. But it made me think of so many of us. Whether we have goals we’re trying to achieve or it’s just a way of life that we’ve created, so many of us are like that little bird, rushing around in a hurry. Yes, I spent my career in industry. That’s a world where you need to show a sense of urgency, especially in my line of work, where you are responsible for getting and keeping machines running. But that was how I made a living, it never should have become my way of life.

The Struggle with Doing Less

As a counselor, I currently have two counselees who are both dealing with debilitating illnesses. They are facing the reality that as they get sicker, they can do less and less. They’re in counseling largely because they are struggling with this loss. Like them, I can do less than I used to and definitely less than I feel like I “should.” We have to get away from the “should.” Getting stuck on the should instead of on what we do accomplish is so destructive.

The Trap of Busyness

But we aren’t the only ones that need to watch our “busyness”. It’s so easy in our world today to feel like we need to do more and more. And as we do, we forget that we aren’t completely responsible for our lives. We look to being busy and solving problems and making money. As we do, there’s a tendency, even with the best-meaning Christians to forget to rely on God.

Jesus’ Teachings on Worry and Faith

Christ discussed this in Luke 12:28-34. He tells us not to worry about what we wear or what we eat. He tells us instead to focus on God’s kingdom. When our focus is right, it changes everything. I’ve been blessed in having to rely on Him. When I got sick, I had no choice. For a brief moment, I felt terror. “How will I provide for my wife?” But then I was reminded that God is in complete control. I don’t provide for her, He does.

Embracing Faith in Daily Life

You don’t have to be disabled to rely on God. Admittedly, the way our world works makes it more difficult. But, I can’t encourage you enough to find a way to rely on Him. Seeing Him provide not just your needs, but some of your wants too, is a great way to work towards contentment.

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