Finding Hope in Struggles

Finding Hope in the Midst of Struggles

In the mid-1990s, my wife and I were struggling. I would go in the bathroom and crank the song “No Doubt” by Petra over and over with the shower running so my wife didn’t hear me in there sobbing. It says,

“This test of your faith will last

As long as it takes to pass

Till you have no more doubt you’ll endure

And you’re faith will emerge true and pure.”

Biblical Themes of Endurance

This theme is throughout several books of the Bible. In Isaiah, we read about the nation of Israel getting slapped down by other nations. We hear about those other nations getting slapped down. And we read about His love for the Israelites and His desire to restore them as His people.

In Jeremiah, we find one of the verses that we find everywhere. “For I know the plans that I have for you,’ declares the Lord, ‘plans for welfare and not for calamity to give you a future and a hope. .” Jeremiah 29:11 (NASB95) But before that God tells the Israelites that have been drug off to Babylon that they need to settle in and live for they’re going to be there a while, seventy years to be exact.

Living in the Present

Both prophets and the song I quoted have a common theme. There will be troubles then at some point we will come out on the other side. Jeremiah adds the theme that people should live in the present. In Ecclesiastes, Solomon mentions that we should eat, drink, and work. We should live in the present as the past is past and, in the future, the present will be past.

Embracing Life

But the focus is not on dwelling on our pain but living and building lives. Solomon even says to enjoy the work God gave you.

God’s Timing and Plan

The point is that we have had struggles, are having struggles, or will have struggles. Sometimes God will quickly and obviously move on our behalf. Then other times, it may take a little longer. We may end up feeling hopeless and abandoned. Job was patient for a while, but finally accused God of being angry with him.

Trusting in God’s Unseen Plan

I want to encourage you that even if He isn’t letting you in on the plan, God has one for you. Another line from the song “No Doubt” says, “No doubt in the end it will be understood.”

A Prayer for You

My prayer for you is of course that you will get through your struggles and find peace by the grace of God.

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