Nurturing Authentic Supportive Relationships

Struggling to Find Genuine Support

One of the things that I sadly hear from people is the frequent struggle to find the kind of Godly support and friendship that we all require. We don’t understand the concept of nurturing authentic supportive relationships.

Importance of Discerning Friendships

I think in many cases we might not be as careful or maybe discerning as we could be when looking for that specific friend or two. We might find that we’ve trusted somebody that we shouldn’t have.

The Need for Unwavering Love

I’m talking about people that love you and won’t change what they think about you or your family, no matter what they learn. To be the best version of myself that I can be, I need that backup.

Setting Friend Expectations

I also make sure that those friends know the expectations. Not everyone is willing to be that kind of friend. Most people are content to be surface friends.

Inspiration from Jesus in the Garden

I was inspired to write about this topic for this blog post as I was reading about Jesus in the Garden of Gethsemane. In Luke 22:42-44, the man Jesus and probably the Spirit Jesus was so grieved over what He was about to endure that it would seem that he had burst capillaries in his face as we’re told, “His sweat became like drops of blood” (NASB95).

Desire for Company in Suffering

He didn’t want advice, he didn’t want encouragement from His human friends, but He did want them close as we know that He said He was deeply grieved to the point of death (Mark 14:34). He was hurting.

The Company of Closest Friends

He asked the main group of disciples to wait, then he took Peter, James, and John further into the garden. He wanted them to “keep watch.” He’s asking them to stay awake and alert. He needed the company of His closest friends.

Learning from Jesus’ Example

Jesus asked for company, yet so often we try to go it alone. We don’t want to admit that we’re struggling. Yet, if the Lord desired companionship, and admitted the significance of His pain, then why should we do differently?

Transparency and Vulnerability

Admittedly, there is a second lesson here as the “keep watch” is also tied to the use of sleeping as death. He tells them to avoid temptation. But despite this aspect being very clearly present, the beginning of this passage (Mark 14:32-42) shows a Jesus that is transparent and vulnerable. He clearly needed support.

Cherishing Genuine Relationships

I encourage you to think about your tribe. Think about all the people that you might consider going to in a time of need. Are any of them people that you could truly trust to love you no matter what? Are any of them willing to really hear your heart? All too often, when someone asks, “How are you?” we don’t feel like we can give them the honest answer. We need to know that we can be real and bare our souls to someone.

Nurturing Supportive Connections

In counseling, I often fill this role for people, but they all understand that the goal is for them to be able to function without me, So, they must learn to develop and foster these relationships.

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