When God doesn't Heal
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When God Doesn’t Heal: Reflecting on Miracles and Faith


As told in my upcoming book “Blessed Brokenness: Seeing God’s Glory in the Ashes of Life,” I share a powerful story of literally being hands-on during a miracle. However, there are also times when God doesn’t heal, prompting deep questions and clouding human understanding.

The Miraculous Healing

We were missionaries at a drug and alcohol rehab farm when my wife injured her knee. The small rural emergency room couldn’t find anything wrong, but it was concluded that she likely had a torn ligament requiring surgery. A young student at the farm, fearing his troubled past would limit his future, asked if God would heal her. In faith, we prayed, and she walked out of church that morning without crutches. This miraculous healing had a profound impact on the young man’s life leading to a ministry calling instead of the streets.

The Mystery of “Selective Healing”

Despite our firm belief in miraculous healing, my wife and I have experienced disabilities while witnessing others being healed. It raises the question of why God heals some but not all. Andrew Womack’s teaching suggests that healing is already accomplished, waiting only for our acceptance. Robert Wimer’s article explores how a lack of faith, even from those around the person in need, can affect healing (robertwimer.com). Wimer uses the example of Jesus healing a man outside the wicked city of Bethsaida to question the possibility 

that the evilness of the city would inhibit healing, further adding to the complexity of the issue. At the end of the day, the best answer I can give as to why God heals some and not others is, “I don’t know.”

The Lack of Answers

Though I have no answer to the mystery of “selective healing”, I find peace in knowing that for my wife and I, our personal faith doesn’t depend on physical healing. While it would bring glory to God, our journey has shown that our faith has inspired others and possibly brought glory to Him even while we continue to live with disabilities.

Embracing Vulnerability and God’s Strength

In our lives, we have learned to embrace vulnerability and allow God to be strong in our weaknesses. Drawing inspiration from David’s acknowledgment in Psalm 139 that we cannot hide from God’s presence, we find solace and strength in His presence despite a lack of physical healing.


In conclusion, the experience of witnessing both miraculous healing and a lack of healing has deepened our understanding of faith, vulnerability, and the sovereignty of God. While we don’t have all the answers, we continue to trust in His plan and find peace, knowing that He uses our faith to inspire others regardless of our physical circumstances.

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