You may remember that originally, God established the nation of Israel. But, after Solomon began to turn from God and sin, then his son continued, the northern ten tribes rebelled and made Jeroboam the king over Israel while Rehoboam, Solomon’s son was king over the tribes of Judah, Benjamin, and the Levites.

The Levites stayed with Judah because Jeroboam and Israel left God. Throughout the following years, some kings were better at following God and others were not. Finally, we get down to Jehoram in Judah and Asa in Israel. Although Jehoram’s father had done a pretty good job of following the Lord and received the Lord’s favor, Jehoram chose to follow the ways of Israel. He was cursed by God for turning away from the Lord. Jehoram died a horrible death. And in 2 Chronicles 21:20, it says that he died with no one’s regret. As soon as I read that, I immediately thought, “Wow, that stings.”

Just a little later, in 2 Chronicles 27:6, we read that Jotham ‘became mighty because he ordered his ways before the Lord his God.” What a difference from Jehoram! They each went down in history being known for who they were.

Yesterday, we celebrated Easter and all that Christ did for us. We celebrate His life and have much to say and remember about Him.

But what about you? Years ago, there was a song performed on the radio show, A Prairie Home Companion. It was called Stupid Questions. One of the stupid questions featured came after a man was crying. His friend asked why he was crying. “I just came from my brother’s funeral.” “Did he die?” “No, he just wanted to see who would show up.”

Do you ever wonder what people will say about you? Should we not live our lives setting ourselves up to be spoken of as lovers of God and people? I think of my family and want them to be encouraged to follow the Lord. I want them to follow my example as they are encouraged of my love for the Lord. I suggest you ask that question as you begin each day. Then live out that day with that at the front of your mind. What will be the sum of our lives? What will people remember? Yes, it’s God’s opinion that matters the most. But we are called to love our brother and sometimes it’s easier to think of the here and now than the bigger picture. Will that clerk, that driver, that person at church see the Love of God in us?

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