Note from Rev. Matthew Hogan: Pastor Kyle Gerrild is simultaneously an old friend I’ve found again after many years and a gifted author. But, I wouldn’t share his book just because we had been friends. Pastor Kyle is a man I have discovered as a solid man of God and a solid preacher. Out of curiosity, I bought and read¬†Lord of the Circle. I have found it to be an entertaining and thought provoking book that I would recommend for any youth study group.

Lord of the Circle is a historical fiction centering on Joshua and Caleb’s conquest of Jericho and wrapped around circular insights from the real world. This book contains a little bit of science, a little bit of history, a fair amount of fiction, AND a number of thought-provoking questions sprinkled here and there. It’s a fairly easy read and designed to be used for personal or group studies. While appropriate for all ages, it will most likely find its sweet spot among families/ or groups with young people 6-18.

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