Significance of Christ's Coming and Christmas Celebration

Why I didn’t write about Advent, I don’t know. There is so much significance to it. It is a time of looking forward to both the resurrection and birth of Christ. Because of this, it is a perfect time to be aware of our need for Christ. He wasn’t sent for no reason. He didn’t empty himself to be like humanity (Phil 2:4-11) without purpose.

Thankfully however, Christ did come!

As we look throughout the Bible, there is often the bad news and the good news. There is the bad behavior of humans and the eventual acceptance from the Lord. Unfortunately, the bad news also always brought pain.

But thankfully, Christ did come! We celebrate that today and in the words of Revelation 19:1, “Hallelujah, Salvation and Glory and Power belong to our God.” Hallelujah literally translated means “Praise ye the Lord!” It is a term or phrase of adoration.

So, Merry Christmas! May you be blessed, and you are! Christ came for you and for that we cry out Hallelujah, praise ye the Lord as we adore Him.

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