The Word: How It Enriches My Life and Ministry

The Paint Project

I missed posting and sending out my newsletter last week as I recruited family members to put a very much needed coat of paint on my house. It took the better part of the week and left me exhausted on a daily basis. To be honest, I’m still recovering and putting off going around with a paint can and a brush to hit the light spots.

Protecting My Home and Rediscovering Priorities

I love looking at the house and knowing that it is protected for some time to come. That isn’t the biggest takeaway though. I realized what a toll it takes on me to be spending all my time on activities other than ministry. Sure, the physical toll was one thing. But I missed spending the majority of my day in the Word and sharing through my various writings and counseling sessions what God’s Word has for us.

The Awakening: Rediscovering My Mission

I noticed the difference the very first day that I spent back on the laptop. But this morning while I was listening to my large playlist, I heard a song that really spelled it out very well. The song “Just Love” by Diamond Rio came on. In the middle of the song there are a few lines that really reminded me of my mission, what God has called me to.

The song says,

“Sunday morning worship

Everybody hears it

Are we gonna live it

Just love.”

Challenges to Lasting Faith: The Parable of the Sower

For many years, my wife and I have seen how much of what we see, hear, and say in church often doesn’t last very long. Often the attitude of worship and things we might have learned from the sermon are gone by the time we get home. Much like the Parable of the Sower (Matthew 13:3-9) there are so many things that keep the Word and the very love of God from making a significant difference in our hearts the rest of the week. I think for most of us, it is the thorns that get in the way. Jesus described three specific types of soil where seeds will not flourish. One, which resembles our world today, is ground where thorns rise up and choke out the good plants as they try to grow.

The Message of God’s Love: A Mission

Our world is so full of distractions, worries, and priorities that aren’t Him. That’s why I wrote my first book, How to be a Christian in Today’s World: Shame or Fear of Failure vs. Living Confidently in God’s Love. Too many just don’t know how much God loves them and therefore can’t live in it and share it with the world.

Rejoicing in Ministry

I’m glad my house is painted. But I’m even more glad to be back on the computer studying and writing and reveling in the glory of God. I pray that if you don’t already take time to be in the presence of our loving God on a daily basis that you will. I know I benefit from it, I know you can too.

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