The message in How to be a Christian in Today’s World is one that God had been developing in my heart and my wife’s simultaneously. We would begin to talk about something and start sharing what we had been thinking and it was always the same. That gave me the confirmation that this was indeed a message that God was giving me.

I wrote it much like I do a sermon. I knew what the starting point was. But as I wrote and researched, sometimes I would hear something new or different. Many paragraphs or even chapters ended up being completely deleted as the manuscript took shape. Sometimes I feel that the Lord is calling me in a completely different direction. Then I explore that and do my research share what I find and am convicted to write.

The tugging to get out this message came from hearing the pain of many people. Some had been warming a pew for more decades that I’ve been alive and felt something was off for them. Others were either wanting to serve and move forward but held back by their guilt or shame.

Something that we’ve seen is that in an attempt to help people and minister, many churches emphasize one message. Often its either Grace or Obedience. The problem is that when either message is the entirety of your belief system the true beauty of why God made you and wants you to grow in this life is lost.

Of course, I hope you’ll read How to be a Christian in Today’s World and share it through giving a copy to someone or leaving a review, or better yet, both. But more than that, I hope that you will find the true beauty of God’s amazing love for you  and live in the glory of being in relationship with Him.

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